... for our english friends

We are about translating this stuff in english. Meanwhile try to figure out what we want to say, use your old dictionary again, listen to the demos (there are some comments in english), watch the pix, read the "repertoire" page to understand what songs we play.

On Beatles day 2008, 10th of July we played in Liverpool. First we played the Billy Butler Show at BBC Merseyside Studios, then we moved to the famous Cavern Club where we played a spot at 7 pm and finished the day in Lennon's Bar. If we want to go back to England ? What question is this ? OF CAURSE ! Best would be next years Beatles Day as a opener for the big show in the arena.

Sometimes it's nuts what we are doing - we play, whatever the audience wants (as long as two of us have a rough idea about the song and it's not boring for the audience) - we don't play the songs every other band considers to be very important like "smoke on the water, sweet home alabama, ..." Our gigs might end up in a jam session when guys from the audience ask for "b-side of Abbey road" or "Sgt.Pepper completely". We don't play for money (a joke!) - just for fun and the honour (but of caurse you have to pay for our fun hahahaha.). It will be reasonable and you'll never regret having booked "RETIRED SOON".

Stay tuned !